4 Key Focus Areas

focus areas

Region Wide

Targeting multinational and local organisations across the Asia region, with a focus on the following markets:

  • china


  • hongkong

    Hong Kong

  • india


  • Japan


  • singapore



Virtual Platform

Our Virtual Platform is packed with resources and is due to be up and running from mid July – 9 November 2018, giving participating employers plenty of time to see what is on offer and plan their activities.

The Virtual Platform will feature:

    • Virtual Marketplace

      Showcasing booths of NGOs trainers, and consultants in the Asia region with expertise and service offerings on different aspects of employee wellbeing

    • Resource Center

      Featuring comprehensive resources, including links to research reports, statistics, videos and more

  • Regional Event Calendar

    Presenting a rich programme of events taking place during Asia Employee Wellbeing Week in different markets across Asia

  • Promo Kit

    Comprising marketing materials to promote Asia Employee Wellbeing Week and a company’s commitment internally, including posters, social media messages, talking points and more

Webinar Programme

Monday 8 October
Wellbeing & Resilience for Sustainable Performance
Rob Bravo

Director, Talking Talent

For leaders and employees, career, role and family demand often dominate focus and attention. The interaction of high demands, constant change, limited time and a range of personalities inevitably leads to pressure and, in some cases, stress, in the workplace and at home. This educative webinar seeks to provide context to the topic of wellbeing and resilience and helps raise awareness to the warning signs of stress as well as providing a useful framework and Language which better addresses very real issues of stress in modern working environments.

Tuesday 9 October
Workplace Loneliness - the Impact on Employee Wellbeing

Loneliness is a negative feeling that arises when someone’s social needs are unmet by their current social relationships. So people can feel alone, even if they’re surrounded by others, if they’re not getting the right kind of company and support. While many think of loneliness as a social issue, it also affects our health. In this webinar, clinical psychologist and researcher, Dr Lim highlights the issue of workplace loneliness, discusses the negative impact on employee wellbeing and looks at what companies can and should be doing to address.

Wednesday 10 October
Mindfulness – A Way to Cultivate Exceptional Emotional and Mental Balance at Work
Tony Dickel

Country Director and Lead Trainer, The Potential Project CEO, Transcend International President, Hong Kong International Coaching Community

Support coordination is a service which may be allocated on a participant’s NDIS plan to provide help to implement their plan and bring their goals to life. The NDIA allocates this service type, and the participant has a choice of support coordination provider. What this statement means, is a support coordination service will assist a person and their family to understand their NDIS Plan, check on what supports in the community or what mainstream services such as education or health could help to meet their goals.

In this webinar, mindfulness expert and coach, Tony Dickel shares proven techniques to improve effectiveness while also increasing resilience and well-being, particularly under stress. Participants attending this session will learn how to:

  • Cultivate a mindset supporting enhanced focus, mental effectiveness, emotional balance/intelligence and resilience
  • Replace "mindless busyness" with "mindful business"
  • Master your mind to improve leadership of yourself and others
  • Discover your unique "values compass" - the key to authentic leadership and effortless decision-making
  • Learn neuroscience-backed and scientifically-validated tools to improve your and your teams' effectiveness
Thursday 11 October
Stress Management, Psychological Wellness and Building Resilience
Suzanne Price

Found and President, Price Global

Most jobs have some pressure, and this ‘healthy stress’ helps people do a better job. But if the pressure is excessive, there can be a detrimental effect on health and work performance. A strategic and practical commitment to personalised self-management can prevent burn-out and equip individuals to manage pressures as they arise. This webinar will give participants an introduction to the knowledge and skills required to respond well to difficult situations, understand personal sources and symptoms of stress and introduce different ways to build resilience.

Friday 12 October
High Performance Without the Burnout
Cheryl Liew-Chng

CEO and Founder, LifeWorkz

In the business environment, employees are bearing the brunt of the intense pace as businesses compete to come up with new innovations and to enter new markets. At the same time, more than half of the workforce is made up of women who, in addition to their roles at work, are often the primary care-giver at home, to both their children and to their elderly parents. These factors raise a key question: How do you maintain high performance, juggling professional and personal responsibilities - without burnout? In this webinar, life coach Cheryl Liew Chng draws on her work with women professionals and entrepreneurs to share key insights and practices designed to empower employees to thrive in work/business and live a vibrant life

Ways To Get Involved

    If you are committed to promoting employee wellbeing in your organisation in Asia, we encourage you to register to be a Participating Employer for US $150 and gain access to our Virtual Platform. Registration opens mid July.
    If you are looking to raise the profile of your organisation and showcase your expertise to a targeted audience of companies across the Asia region, we invite you to book a booth in the exciting, new Virtual Marketplace. Here online visitors – your potential clients - will be able to browse the materials you have on display and interact with your organisation directly. There are 2 types of booth available – Gold (US $500) and Standard (US $250), each with a number of additional benefits, including opportunity to:
    • Promote events that you might be running in our Regional Calendar
    • Post usefulmaterials relating to employee wellbeing (eg research, tools) in the Resource Centre.
    If you are looking to demonstrate your leadership and position your brand as an employer of choice, we invite you to sponsor an aspect of Asia Employee Wellbeing Week 2018.
    If you are an NGO whose work relates to promoting employee wellbeing in Asia, we invite you to partner with Community Business to raise awareness.

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