Live! Days Programme

In 2019, we’re hosting and promoting three Live! Days where we will be broadcasting a programmes of webinars in the Virtual Auditorium, bringing you fresh insights and connecting you with experts.

As part of our broader programme on Emotional Wellbeing, our Live! Days are focusing on the themes of Happiness, Resilience and Mental Health.

Subscribers to this Virtual Platform have unlimited access to these Live! Days.

Live! Day Programme


10 October 2019

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9:30 am - 10:30 am
David Sheehan

Head of Pastoral Care at Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong

Childhood Anxiety in Times of Turbulence

This session will be for parents & care givers who are full of the best intentions but feel perhaps somewhat ill-prepared for helping guide their children to adulthood. Key take-aways from the session will include how to recognise when a child is suffering anxiety, recognition of experiences / events that may cause or exacerbate anxiety, ideas on how to initiate conversations with a child who may be experiencing anxiety and when is it a good idea to seek assistance external to the family.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Mridula Sankhyayan

Founder of Vatt Vriksh Consultants

How to Channel Energies to overcome Insecurities and Traumas.

How can one understand, accept and challenge the insecurities that hold us back? This session will look at explore how meditation and the practice of mindfulness can help focus our minds and optimise mental wellness. It will explore the research behind the techniques and examine where it has been successful in the business world.

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Megan Lam

CEO and Co-Founder at Neurum Ltd.

Megan Lam on Digital Mental Health Solutions

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Sky Siu

Executive Director at KELY

Mental Health Considerations for Young People Entering the Workforce


5 July 2019
 9.30am – 10.15am - HKT (this inc. 15min Q&A)
Enoch Li

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of BEARAPY

Stress, Burnout & Resilience

Join this webinar with Enoch Li, to hear about her personal reflections through adversity – from top of the corporate game to almost taking her own life to now being an entrepreneur. She will share with us openly:

  1. Her journey of finding opportunities through adversity
  2. he lessons she learnt and how she prepares for other curve balls
  3. How to empower employees in the workplace to strengthen their emotional resilience
  4. How to incorporate a dose of inner playfulness everyday for wellbeing

11am – 11.30am - HKT
Andy Clark

CEO of Shine8

Resilience and the Power of Thought

Andy will introduce the field of NLP and how it can have a powerful impact on improving mental health and resilience. We will look at tools such as submodalities and anchoring as simple ways to generate more control of our internal worlds and our emotions.

 2pm – 2.45pm - HKT (this inc. 15min Q&A)
Paul Lyons

CEO of Mental Toughness

An introduction to Mental Toughness

The power of practical mental toughness.
In this new world of abundant stress, increasing loneliness, loss of focus and, for many people, feeling totally overwhelmed, mental toughness is a thinking style and framework that determines one’s ability to perform consistently under stress and pressure. Mental Toughness has been proven to significantly improve performance, positivity, adaptability and wellbeing and through developing their mental toughness individuals and organizations can build their resilience and confidence.
In this webinar Paul outlines the strength and gender neutrality of the conceptual framework and provides 7 practical strategies to developing individual and organisational mental toughness.

4pm – 4.30pm - HKT
Gian Power

CEO of TLC Lions

Building Resilience, My Story

During this powerful yet uplifting webinar, social entrepreneur and widely acclaimed speaker, Gian Powers will be reflecting on how a tragic event in his own life inspired him to champion employee wellbeing in the workplace. He will share how his experiences and inner resilience sparked his desire to ‘ignite emotion in the workplace’, launching pioneering initiatives to prioritise wellbeing and inclusion. Gian will also discuss why caring for staff is not only the right thing to do, it's a business imperative. He will share his own practical tips he's put in place to ensure that he and others can not only survive but thrive in uncertain times.


25 April 2019
9am – 10am - HKT
Marina Vogt

Engagement Lead and “Chief Happiness Officer” at Fung Group

A Conversation with Hong Kong's First Chief Happiness Officer

Promoting happiness in the workplace is a new concept – not just in Asia, but globally and few companies have dedicated resources to drive this agenda.  In this webinar, Community Business’ CEO, Fern Ngai will have a conversation with Hong Kong’s first Chief Happiness Officer - Marina Vogt of Fung Group. Together they will discuss the background and remit of this role, why it is important to priorise happiness in the workplace and key initiatives the company is introducing in Hong Kong and globally. Marina will also share observations on how perspectives on happiness are influenced by culture. Attend this unique session and discover why it may be time for your company to devote resources to happiness!

10.30am – 11.30am - HKT

Roko Belic

Director of the award-winning feature documentary, HAPPY which explores the secrets of our most valued emotion

What I Learnt From Making a Movie About Happiness

HAPPY is a feature documentary that takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy. Combining real life stories of people from around the world and powerful interviews with the leading scientists in happiness research, HAPPY explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion. In this unique interview with the Academy Award® nominated director, Roko Belic, we explore the motivations for making this film, what he learnt during the process – including cultural insights about happiness as well as the impact.  We also ask Roko how his life has changed as a result of making this film and the call to action for us as organisations and individuals.

12 noon – 1pm - HKT
Khyati Kapai

Facilitator of The Happiness Advantage – Orange Frog Workshop based on the work of Shawn Achor

The Happiness Advantage/Positive Thinking

Our brains are hardwired to perform at their best when they are positive. What’s more, stressed and negative brains CAN be trained to see more possibility. Studies have confirmed that change IS possible. We CAN permanently raise our happiness baseline and adopt a more positive mindset. This competitive edge is available to all who put in the effort. Referencing  Shawn Achor’s work (Author of New York Times best-selling books ‘The Happiness Advantage’ and ‘Before Happiness), Khyati Kapai, a seasoned trainer and coach committed to ‘facilitating positive change by improving thinking’, will share 7 principles that fuel higher fulfilment and performance at work.

2.30pm – 3.30pm - HKT
Vanessa King

Board member at Action for Happiness and Author of Ten Keys to Happier Living

Increasing Happiness at Work

Our happiness and work are related. Work can provide opportunities for many of the things that help to make us happy such as: connecting with others; learning and growing our skills; using our strengths; achieving our goals and finding meaning. Happy employees also help to make organisations more successful.  Whether we are an employee or a line manager, there are things we can all do to help make our workplaces happier.  In this webinar, Vanessa King, board member at Action for Happiness and author of Ten Keys to Happier Living will share her in-depth knowledge of the science of wellbeing with her client experience to share ways to increase happiness at work.  She’ll also talk about the Action for Happiness movement and its mission to help people take action for a happier and more caring world.

4pm – 5pm - HKT
Nic Marks

Original thinker, Statistician and CEO and Founder of Friday

Measuring Happiness at Work

Building a positive work culture is not easy but business leaders who do are rewarded with multiple benefits. In this webinar, original thinker, statistician and TED speaker Nic Marks will turn the traditional assumption that success leads to happiness on its head - and present evidence to show that the reverse is true: happiness leads to success, in terms of both profitability and productivity. Examining the concepts from both a personal and organisational perspective, Nic will present the compelling business case and provide insights into how leaders can improve employee happiness.  Importantly he will examine how you can in fact measure happiness along with the key drivers of happiness.  Attend this session to discover why focusing on building and measuring happiness in the workplace is critical to building a prosperous business and an amazing place to work.